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Gender Reveals

Today we want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of finding out a baby's gender during pregnancy.

A decision parents to be are expected to make now a days, is whether to find out their baby’s gender or not, by having a gender ultrasound scan.

What is a Gender Reveal Scan?

A Gender scan is an ultrasound scan performed in the mid trimester of pregnancy with the primary goal of determining the baby’s gender. We refer to it as a fetal well being and gender scan, at Ultraworld Scanning Services. Also known as a sexing scan in some parts of the world. This detects whether the baby you are having is a boy or a girl. We recommend that you have this scan between 15 and 38 weeks of gestation, as before or after this period, it can become difficult to see or less accurate.

It is a non-invasive ultrasound scan and is not routinely offered by the NHS. There are numerous reasons for both knowing and not knowing the baby’s gender, and we are going to discuss and consider a few of them in this blog today.

For many expectant parents, finding out the gender of their baby is a significant milestone in their pregnancy journey. However, some choose to wait until birth to find out, while others opt to discover the sex of their baby during prenatal testing. Here are some things we feel maybe useful of learning your baby’s gender before birth.


The Advantages

Bonding with your baby: Learning your baby’s gender can help expectant parents to bond with their unborn child. By referring to the baby as “he” or “she” and giving them a name, parents can begin to form an emotional connection with their baby.

Planning and preparation: Knowing the baby’s gender in advance can help parents prepare for the arrival of their baby. This can help prepare mentally, decide on how to decorate the baby's room, choose baby clothes and accessories, and even plan the baby’s name.

Avoiding disappointment: Some parents can have a strong preference for the gender of their baby. Finding out the gender before the baby arrives can help prevent the potential disappointment that come's with the surprise of the gender at birth.

Family planning: For those parents who already have children, finding out the gender of the baby can help them plan for future family dynamics. Because family members rely on each other for emotional, physical, and economic support, they are one of the primary sources of relationship security or stress.

The Disadvantages

Disappointment: Finding out the gender of the baby can help avoid disappointment. It can also lead to disappointment if the parents have a preference for the opposite gender. Some may find it difficult and this allows them explore coping methods.

No surprise factor: Learning about the gender of the baby takes away from the surprise element of the birth. Some parents prefer to wait until birth to experience the excitement and surprise of discovering the gender of thier baby.

Inaccurate results: While prenatal testing are highly accurate, there is still a tiny margin of error. This means that there is a chance that the gender prediction could be incorrect, which could lead to additional stress.

Pressure from others: Knowing the gender of the baby can sometimes lead to pressure from family and friends to have a specific type of gender reveal party or buy certain types of gifts, which can create unnecassary expectations.


Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are some questions to consider when deciding whether or not to find out your baby’s gender before birth:

  • How important is the surprise factor for me?

  • Is there a preference for the gender of my baby?

  • Do I want to begin bonding with my baby before birth?

  • Are there any family planning considerations I need to take into account?

  • Am I prepared to handle potential disappointment if the results are incorrect?

  • Do I feel pressured by family and friends to have a specific type of gender reveal party or buy certain types of gifts?

  • How will I feel if I decide not to find out the gender before birth?

  • Have I discussed this decision with my partner and reached a mutual agreement?

  • How much am I willing to spend on prenatal testing?

Answering these questions can help you make an informed decision about whether or not you want to find out your baby’s gender before birth.



Deciding whether or not to find out the gender of your baby before birth is a personal choice, and both options have advantages and disadvantages. While it can be helpful for bonding, planning, and avoiding disappointment, it can also take away from the surprise factor of the birth and potentially create additional stress and expectations. Ultimately, the decision should be based on the individual preferences and values of the parents.

Ultraworld Scanning Service in Erith, Kent, offers expectant parents a unique opportunity to connect with their unborn baby.

From the comfort of our ultrasound studio, you can gain insight into your baby’s gender, physical features, and movements. Our advanced 4D imaging technology lets you view your little one with exceptional clarity. With us, you can experience the joy of bonding with your baby in real time and create lasting memories that will last a lifetime.

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