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Frequently asked questions

Provided the ultrasound service on offer is being operated to the required guidelines, there are no contraindications for ultrasound scans. Since ultrasound is not an ionising radiation such as x-ray, there are also no known hazardous effects associated with multiple ultrasound scans. The safety of ultrasound continues to be researched and monitored by the relevant professional bodies.


Our friendly receptionist will welcome and receive you on arrival. You will be asked to either was your hands or hand sanitise. As per guidelines , all visitors are expected to be wearing face masks . The receptionist will offer you a consent form and discuss any aspects of you scan. Please note that full payment for the scan will have to be made prior to the scan.


The majority of our scans are carried out by Sonographers. Sonographers usually train first as a Radiographer, then undertake an approved post-registration course. These courses are offered by higher education and as a minimum require 1 additional academic year that prepares them both clinically and academically for this specific area of practice. All practicing Radiographers are regulated by the Healthcare Professions Council. Other types of health care professional who may provide our scans are either suitably experienced Doctors or Sonographer Midwives specifically for pregnancy scans.


Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic , yes.

At the time, we are following current UK government guidelines and we will be restricting the number of visitors allowed.

This way we are limiting our and your exposure thus minimising the risk of infection.

Once your scan is booked, you will receive a confirmation email with details of how many guests you are allowed.


What will I see during my scan?
Our scans are interactive and during the scan, you will be able to see your baby in real time on a large TV monitor. Images may appear either in 2D or 4D depending on the scan booked. Feel free to ask any questions during this time.


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